FabRx meet with the MHRA and AEMPS to discuss 3D printing for personalised medicines

April 11, 2019 | Featured

In Q1 of 2019, our team at FabRx approached two major European regulators (the MHRA from the UK and the AEMPS; Spanish Medicines Agency) to discuss the requirements for integration of 3D printing technology for personalised medicine production. The meeting with the MHRA was conducted at their Innovation Office Headquarters in Canary Wharf, London, and the regulators were supportive of the developments of our 3D printing technology for this application. Excellent feedback and suggestions for how best to integrate this technology was provided from both regulators, and ongoing collaborations with the Innovation Offices will enable the development of a 3D printer and process suitable for tailored, small batch medicines production at the point-of-care. We plan to visit the EMA and FDA to gain the overall opinion of Europe and the US later in 2019.


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