FabRx named as one of the top 100 Digital Health Companies in The Medical Futurist

September 16, 2020 | Featured

“Integrating disruptive technologies in a tightly-controlled industry as the pharmaceutical one is no easy task. It might even be more so with a technology like 3D-printed medication that upends the traditional manufacturing and distribution chains altogether. But U.K.-based FabRx is up for the challenge.”

FabRx is proud to be featured as one of The Medical Futurist’s Top 100 Digital Health Companies, alongside innovative companies in the digital healthcare space AliveCor and DeepMind. To read the groundbreaking work carried out by us in 3D printing and to have a look at the other incredible companies listed click here.

With thousands of subscribers worldwide, The Medical Futurist is a highly successful platform that shows how digital technologies, artificial intelligence and innovation shapes the future of healthcare.

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