Translating 3D printed pharmaceuticals: From hype to real-world clinical applications

July 01, 2021 | Featured

Researchers at FabRx and the UCL School of Pharmacy recently published a review article (link) providing an overview of the latest investigations into 3D printed pharmaceuticals in the pre-clinical and clinical arena, including future strategies to aid the translation of 3D printing into the clinic.


Pharmaceutical Applications of 3D Printing.


Interest and development in the pharmaceutical 3D printing field is growing exponentially every year, with the first clinical projects for 3D printed personalised medicines being started and published relatively recently by the team at FabRx. It is set to be a revolutionary, disruptive technology in the pharmaceutical field, allowing for personalised doses and multi-drug polypills for improved treatment adherence and efficacy. This timely review outlines work done so far in this cutting edge area and discusses what is required next to get this technology to the patients.


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