Smartphone-enabled 3D printing of medicines

October 25, 2021 | Featured

Researchers at FabRx, the UCL School of Pharmacy and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela Departamento de Farmacología recently published an article investigating the use of smart phone-enabled SLA 3D printing technologies for personalised medicine. The study describes the printing of warfarin-loaded printlets with various sizes and shapes (caplet, triangle, diamond, square, pentagon, torus, and gyroid lattices), using different photosensitive resins with absorbances that match those from a smart phone.



The development of point-of-care manufacturing for personalised medicine is a constantly growing field that is exciting many in the healthcare industry. In the future, small scale printers such as the M3DIMAMKER LUX could be useful for personalised medicine in hard to reach areas or where work space is an issue. With additional safety features implemented they could also be used in the home for patients with mobility issues. This poof-of-concept study is an important step towards providing full point-of-care manufacture coverage.

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