Volumetric 3D printing for rapid production of medicines

February 24, 2022 | Featured

Researchers at FabRx, the School of Pharmacy University College London, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela Departamento de Farmacología and MERLIN Institute for Technology Inspired Regenerative Medicine have recently published an exciting research article investigating the suitability of volumetric 3D printing technology to produce pharmaceutical dosage forms.



Vat polymerisation is a commonly used 3D printing technique that offers high resolution and precision. However, commonly used methods are hampered by relatively slow printing speeds due to their iterative layer-by-layer nature. Volumetric 3D printing is a novel type of vat polymerisation technology that avoids this issue by printing the whole 3D object simultaneously, offering rapid printing without the loss of resolution. Researchers in this collaboration aimed to assess the use of this technology in the pharmaceutical 3D printing field. Six different formulations of paracetamol-loaded 3D printed tablets (Printlets™) with tuneable drug release were fabricated within 7–17 seconds, proving that volumetric printing could be suitable for supporting timely production of tailored medicines in the future.

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