Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driven Software

The preparation of conventional medicines can be a time-consuming, trial-and-error process, requiring expert knowledge. AI has the potential to reshape pharmaceutical formulation development through its ability to analyse and continuously monitor large datasets. AI can facilitate the development and widespread adoption of 3D printed medicines.

M3DISEEN is a web-based software application developed to accelerate 3D printing of pharmaceutical formulations using AI machine learning techniques. This software combines real-world data from hundreds of formulations to assist researchers developing new 3D printed medicines.

Inkjet Printing Software

Software system for the preparation of data matrices or QR codes to meet the patient dose requirements using inkjet printing. The system allows the selection of different doses for each day and generates a medication guideline sheet.

The system provides Quality Control methods including scanning tools for accessing the data matrix/QR code containing information about dose and printing process.

3D Printing Software

The software offers an adapted interface to easily control the pharmaceutical printer (M3DIMAKERTM) and automatically generate 3D printing models depending on the parameters selected by the user.

The software system can send the 3D models directly to the printer and allows monitoring the printing process. Each printlet can be weighed for validation and quality control.

While printing, the system stores all information related to the process for safety and traceability allowing further data analysis and quality assurance.


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